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Want to make a monster suit?

Men-creationsWe have all watched the monsters displayed in movies; sometimes critiqued how badly there were made, while at other instances admired the handiwork of the special effects team. DVD extras are often filled with the making of such monsters; how foam and latex turned into something that scared and thrilled us. I have always looked up these men and women who can manipulate materials into intricate designs which will in turn give life to characters. There is even a reality TV show on this subject called “Face Off“, featuring contestants who create monsters. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t all ready.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 12.18.49 AMWhile wondering how Cosplayers at comic conventions often create their own monster suits i stumbled upon a web seminar on this subject which commences on 31 August. So if you are interested in learning how to make your own monster suit there is a 4 week online course you can subscribe to. Master FX fabricator and creature costume builder, Ted Haines (Cowboys & Aliens, Blade 2, The Muppets), will share his decades of film experience, guiding you as you create your monster suit. 

For an intro to the web seminar you can watch this 3 hour Foam Fabrication Webinar, where he explains a lot of questions that you might have when you first get into foam fabrication.

content_certficate-demoThe 4 week webinar costs either $199, by subscribing here. You have to procure all the materials required to create your own monster suit. You create your own design whilst Ted guides you from concept to completion including every last detail – design, painting, hair work, costuming and so on. Alternatively you can opt for the more interactive seminar, which might worth $399 but in return Ted will provide you with feedback and live critique on your design, you will have access to the forum and receive a certificate upon completion of the seminar from Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Students enrolled in the live critique option must be prepared to start building on day one. Students must have watched Ted’s DESIGN & PLANNING VIDEO and must have sourced all materials required for their creature costumes.  Each student will be responsible to photograph and upload each completed assignment by 12AM (Midnight) PDT Thursday Night every week to the course forum. You must enrol by 29 August.

The website includes a detailed outline of each week’s course curriculum including assignments, and the material which will be used during this seminar.

Whether you’re an avid cosplayer, a filmmaker with a vision, a Halloween costume fanatic or a working FX pro, this LIVE 4-Week Webinar with one of the Hollywood’s top Creature Fabricators will give you the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to create the ultimate Monster Suit from foam!

(disclaimer: This is not a promotional post, certainly there must be many youtube tutorials on how to make monster suits, however this is much more than a tutorial, you are enrolling on a class with a man who has high credentials. I stumbled upon this info and decided to share it with the world, and who knows someone might find it interesting.)


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