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Songkick Detour

songkick detour_1357921448songkick Detour andrew birdHave you heard about Songkick’s Detour program?  Songkick site and app has been allowing its users to track down the shows by their favorite artists, but with Detour they raised the stakes and “create” concerts based on demand. Detour is now out of beta operation and “organizes” gigs that will take place in London. In a nutshell: Detour allows fans (you!) to bring their favourite artists to London by pledging for them. Detour users have already created over 30 amazing shows, including Goat, The Thermals, and Zoe Keating. I have been meaning to report on this experiment for a while now, but first i wanted to see how it will fare out; if it will be a fade or if it will crush and burn. However, it has been doing very well so far, organizing gigs in the UK, as well as a Latin America tour for Andrew Bird. I sure hope this picks up and people all around the globe will soon be able to “book” bands in their hometown. I find Detour to be a highly innovative way of booking acts. The days of fans simply posting messages to bands’ facebook page, twitter etc, saying “We love you, come to [enter your city here]” has long past.

Songkick-DetourThe lowdown: How does it work? People (you and me) pledge to buy a ticket for a specific band, that can be anything from Flight of the Conchords, to Boards of Canada, Sarah Silverman, Fugazi, Explosions in the Sky, Broken Social Scene etc it is up to you. You say how much you are willing to pay to see that live act, and provide your credit card info. At this point you are not charged anything. If the act is confirmed (enough pledges are made), a date and price for the event is set. Then you will be charged the amount set (even if you pledged a higher ticket price). You can decline if you will not be able to attend the concert, or even purchase a ticket if you have not pledged for said event.

It might seem complicated but in reality it is very simple. It might very well be a new revolutionary way of booking acts via the model of crowd-sourcing; letting fans decide which acts they want to see most. Songkick is not becoming a promoter, but essentially cooperates with promoters and eliminates the logistics of whether a show will be successful or not by securing ticket purchases in advance. This way your voice is heard, and you essentially bring the artists you want to see to your town (that is London for the time being). You have the power, you promote the event through social media so as to increase the pledges and you get the reward (the show). Fans are no longer sitting idly by, complaining how their favorite artists never come to their city for a gig. Detour gives them the chance to essentially “book” the artist.


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