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Summer US TV series

the killingWith most of the winter series being over, or about to broadcast their finale episodes, you are probably wondering what you will be watching during the summertime. Even if you are not a TV series hoarder as me, who has pilled up a lot of series to watch later, you should be ok with the following series hitting the channels in the next days/weeks/months. Remember that they should keep you occupied up to September, when a new bash of fall series will resume/commence. The trailers are placed in order of airing date, not preference.

I watched the pilot episode of The Goodwin Games which premiered on Fox 20 May and i liked it

Motive on ABC premieres on 20 May (run of the mill investigative drama)

Save Me will finally premiere (a year later than initially programmed) on 23 May (i am still looking forward for it)

arested development4Arrested Development resumes with a new season on Netflix (all 15 episodes) on 26 May

The Fall starring Gillian Anderson premieres on 28 May on BBC2/Netflix.

The Killing resumes on 2 June

teenwolfTeen Wolf season 3 will begin on MTV June 3rd (looking forward for it)

The Fosters on ABC Family premieres 3 June.

Mistresses on ABC premieres 3 June, starring Alyssa Milano

Burn Notice finale season starts 6 June (probably will get the episodes and watch them later on, as i did with its past 2 seasons…which i have not seen yet)

Graceland premieres on TNT on 6 June (not sure if i m gonna watch)

fallingskiesseason3Season 3 for Falling Skies on TNT resumes on June 9 (damn it i have yet to watch the past season, how can it be a year after already?)

There is also King & Maxwell on TNT. It is an investigator based series (yeah another one) with Rebecca Romjin. Premieres on 10 June.

I watched the pilot of Twisted (another ABC family series that did not impress me much) which proceeds in the footsteps of Pretty Little Liars and premieres on 11 June.

Royal Pains has become a summer time classic for my mum, it begins on 12 June

John Stamos joins the cast of Necessary Roughness on 12 June (haven’t watched it)

Sullivan & Son season 2 on 13 June (never seen it)

Magic City resumes its 2nd season on Starz 14 June. (haven’t watched it)

True Blood‘s 6th season on 16 June (could be lots of fun)

Franklin and bashHeather Locklear joins Franklin & Bash on season 3 June 19 (for some reason i am not impartial when it comes to this show, frigging like it to bits)

The second half of Futurama‘s season 7 begins on 19 June (yay)

Wilfred season 3 on 20 June (classic Wilfred)

Under the Dome mini-series premieres 24 June (super excited about this one)

The second season of Perception (it was not that bad last year and i m gonna continue watching it)  premieres 25 June.

dexter season8Dexter‘s season 8 on 30 June (this season Deb is in for a downward spiraling trip)

Ray Donovan premieres on 30 June (seems interesting enough)

The Bridge premieres on 10 July on FX.

Camp premieres on 10 July on NBC. Unfortunately no trailer was available at this time.

Orange is the new Black is another Netflix original comedy-drama series, with Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs, Michelle Hurst, Kate Mulgrew and others. The series will be premiering on 11 July. All of its 13 episodes will be available on that date to Netflix subscribers.

Newsroom returns with its much anticipated second season on 14 July on HBO.

Suits third season on 16 July on USA.

Crossing Lines premieres on NBC 23 July. Stars William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland (love them).

Axe Cop will premiere on Fox on 27 July. This is animated series is based on a comic book written by a 5year old, and will fill in the channels late night slot (11pm)

Breaking Bad‘s fifth and final season premieres on 11 August on AMC

Low Winter Sun also premieres on  11 August on AMC. Unfortunately no trailer is currently available for this police drama.

Basically this does it….i might have left out some series by making the executive decision that they were not worth mentioning (i have already done my part in mentioning some TV series i have never, or will never watch).


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