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Plisskën Festival 2013

Plisskën Festival is a 4 day music festival that takes place between May 16-19 in Athens, Greece.

plissken the lab

I had the pleasure of being a part of the first Plisskën Lab which took place in 2012. The Lab is a workshop for young people, including theory and practice on the makings of a festival. There i met the creators of the festival and by shadowing them got an insight in what it takes to make a music festival. I learned about the process of booking artists, the troubles of sponsorships and promotion, setting up the stage, the significance of gaffer tape, managing the lineup and catering to the needs of the audience and artists. Let me tell you that these guys have some great stories to tell. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in promoting live performances. Through the workshop I met many people and realized that setting up a festival is hard work. There are many parameters you have to take under consideration.

PlisskenAppThe people behind Plisskën Festival are truly inspiring, they love what they are doing and each year they exceed my expectations. They aim to make Plisskën, a festival to be reckoned with. They have an environmental approach for the festival, which includes recycling electronics and green-means of transportation among other things. Additionally, they are open to ideas. So much so that when i proposed to them the idea of making an HTML5-based web-app for the festival, they embraced the idea, which sprung this app. This was a first for me (i m neither a developer nor a designer) and for the festival. I cross my fingers and hope it will be something that the festival-goers will embrace and that it will assist them in the festival-experience by having all the relevant info at a single location. I was afraid to propose this, since people are not accustomed to web-based apps (they usually download apps through the main distribution channels like itunes, google play etc) and they might get confused as to how to pin this at their home-screen. Furthermore, I did not want the public to become frustrated with the app (in case of malfunction, delay in commencing etc) and associate their dissatisfaction with the festival (i know i worry too much).

PlisskenluchadorI would characterize Plisskën as a DIY festival, a collaboration of capable people who love what they are doing and it shows in the end result. They are not afraid to book acts which might not have a large following in Greece, but are great at live performances, so the audience will be enthralled. Thus, offering the opportunity to Greeks to learn about up-and-coming artists. This year they expanded the festival by adding more gigs at various venues in Athens, besides the main event date on May 18. They have a relatively very-low ticket price (€30), which includes 32 acts in 4 days at 4 venues.

Let’s have a look at the line-up.

PlisskenfestivallogoRound One – 16/5/2013 @ The Hub
24:00 XXYYXX (usa, Orlando, Relief in Abstract) 
23:00 GIRAFFAGE (usa, San Francisco, Alpha Pup)
22:00 SLOW MAGIC (usa, unknown, LebensStrasse)
21:00 BEAT CULTURE (usa/South Korea)
Round Two – 17/5/2013 @ Six d.o.g.s.
23:00 King Tuff (US)
22:00 ERAAS (US)
21:00 The Haxan Cloak (UK)
Round Three – 18/5/2013 @ Building 56


Main Stage:

15:15 Oy (CH/GH)

16:15 Dope Body (US)

17:20 El Perro Del Mar (SE)

18:30 Girls Names (IE)

19:45 King Krule (UK)

21:00 FM Belfast (IS)

22:10 Truckfighters (SE)

23:20 Ebo Taylor (GH)

00:30 Fucked Up (CA)

01:50 Death Grips (US)

02:50 Brandt Brauer Frick (DE)

Club Stage:
16:00 Dream Koala (FR)

17:00 Larry Gus (GR)

18:15 A.N.D.Y. (BE)

19:30 Pyramid (FR)

20:45 Kidnap Kid (UK)

22:05 Moullinex (PT)

23:30 Eliphino (UK)

00:45 Lil Silva (UK)

02:00 Jonas Rathsman (SE)

03:00 Skinnerbox (DE)

04:00 Xosar (US)

Round Four – 19/5/2013 @ Tora K44
23:30 Shigeto (US)
22:15 Egyptian Hip Hop (UK)
21:00patten (UK) 

plisskenfestdatesYou should know that tickets sold for the main event (18/5) also include entry to the other gigs at a first-come-first-served-basis, however, due to limited capacity at the other venues, ticket-holders wanting to ensure entry should email the festival to reserve their entry at each date respectively 16@plisskenfestivl.gr 17@plisskenfestival.gr 19@plisskenfestival.gr quoting the reservation code or the 4 digit code listed on the ticket.

Lastly, but not least, if you follow Plisskën Festival on facebook you will have the opportunity to win tickets to the festival, as well as a hotel stay, a bike, a guitar, a freebord etc.


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