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Borealis 9Borealis is one of these pilots that i mentioned in the previous post; a great TV movie with the potential to become an awesome futuristic-environmental-political series with some heavy action sequences (hint there is a cage fight), if given half the chance. A Canadian production that lacks in nothing, when compared to its US counterparts. I enjoyed the acting as well as the interesting plot-line. It kinda gave off a feeling similar to Firefly, combining the futuristic elements with the old west settlers during the gold rush era, but it might just be me.

Borealis 4It is set 30 years in the future, after the icecaps in the poles have melted, and everyone wants a piece of the untapped energy sources residing in that area. I used to read about the international claims over the Arctic region in the news, and i feel that the series represents a quite possible outcome as regards to the fights amongst Russians, Norwegians, Canadians and the League of Nations over the remaining fossil fuel resources. Furthermore, i am pleased that they incorporated the issue of protecting wildlife after this environmental disaster  into the dystopian storyline, since it is an integral part of the whole political game. The show might be highly political in nature, but it does so effortlessly by introducing a crime-investigation scenario, filled with shooting, fighting and smart-banter, thus being able to present the players and their agendas without burdening the viewer.

You can watch the pilot here:

Borealis-Michelle-HarrisonFor those who do not like to watch pilots of shows that were not picked for a full blown-out season, rest assured that the one and a half hour of this sci-fi series can very well be a stand alone TV movie. Moreover, if you like it you can always ask for more, directly from the source: tweet at @BellMediaPR and @SPACEChannel with the hashtag #borealis, letting them know that this show deserves a chance.


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