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Thoughts on watching pilots

People Watching TV (18)Perception matters! How someone is introduced to a series is crucial in my humble opinion, since most people do not give second or third chances to series that do not hook them in. I personally try to have an open mind and revisit things i might have initially dismissed. Some of my favorite series had crappy pilots (Buffy, BSG, Firefly).

utopiach4I will provide you with a personal anecdote as regards to perception; my sister wanted to see The Carrie Diaries, however my brother was under the impression that it was the revamping of the thriller Carrie. He would not have watched the series if he was properly informed about its content. Nonetheless, the series is not for him since it targets teenage girls, but there are other instances where a little persuasion and manipulation has benefited him. Take for example Utopia. Big bro is always skeptical about UK series. There is something about them that he does not find appealing, even though he has watched some of them (The IT Crowd, Skins, Black Books, Spaced etc). So when the time came for us to watch Utopia, he was like: “What is it about?”. The only reply he got was “it is awesome and it is from UK”. He sat and watched it, reluctantly, and was hooked, asking for the next episode. If he had dismissed the series based on his preconceptions he would have missed out on something truly great.

person of interestI know other people who also have preconceptions that prove obstacles when deciding to watch series, so the way you entice them is crucial. I too find myself not being able to withstand some elements in some series. Let us take for example Person of Interest; it bothers me that a machine which monitors the globe and reports on possible victims/perpetrators, is doing so solely in the vicinity of NYC. What about the people who will be harmed in the rest of the world, what about those social security numbers? Or is it because the two people who receive the numbers can only operate locally and thus the rest are discarded. Nevertheless, i am getting off topic, i have to accept the fallacies committed by the series in order to watch it. This example holds true for most of the things we watch, since there is no way to cater to all the loose ends of a fictional scenario.

At this point i would like to note that most of my friends cannot watch cancelled series, while i on the other hand dwell in the pleasure of locating pilots of projects that were not green-lighted like Virtuality, Global Frequency, 17th Precinct, Lookwell, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, L.A. Confidential and the list goes on… or even un-aired pilots of beloved series, which present differences from the final aired-pilot episode, like for example Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Big Band Theory etc.

Taking all these factors into consideration you can imagine my delight when in search of such “bounty”,  i stumbled upon an account on Dailymotion which has uploaded various unaired pilots, entitled UnknownArchiveTV. I urge you to check it out since there are many hidden gems there.

Concluding this rambling i will also provide you with an additional hard-to-find pilot that did not got made into a series, broadcasted by BBC3 approximately five years ago, “The Things I Haven’t Told You“, available on youtube in six parts.


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