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Elysium Online

Ilias Kyriazis is one of the talented Greek comic book creators who i have been following throughout the years, ever since i read the serialized version of Manifesto at 9 insert comic magazine of Elefthetypia newspaper. Through the years he has expanded his personal work both to the domestic and international market with works like Melody and Falling for Lionheart.

His new project is Elysium Online, an innovative story-line about a revolutionary social network that lets its users interact with the recently departed. The premise deals with issues such as the “ghost in the machine”, questioning this artificial after-life, generated by and for humans who are unable to move on. What happens when you upload a person’s memories to a digital platform, thus sustaining that person online even after their passing? The realm of Artificial Intelligence has always been a shaky ground as regards to matters of transcending our own mortality, and it is exactly that which the graphic novel will capitalize on. The repercussions of immortal avatars, wreaking havoc upon mankind through any medium available to them.

This might sound like a futuristic setting but it is set in the near future; October 2021 to be exact, during the days leading up and following the Elysium Release Day. The main characters include Paul (Elysium Developer), Anne (sister) and a Zarya (beta tester).

Apart from Ilias’ art, Dimitrios Kasdaglis will create a series of “mock Elysium ads” that will be intersecting the storyline at crucial points.

Furthermore, along the lines of meta conceptualization, one of the characters of the graphic novel, Zarya, a beta user of the Elysium Online program, has a twitter profile which you can follow and get insights about her life and work, thus transcending the fictional world of the comic through the use of the current social media.

If you are as interested as  i am, to read this 96 page, full color, graphic novel, then contribute to the indiegogo campaign that will materialize this project by 6 December. Contributors will receive various perks, including wallpapers, pdf and print version of Elysium Online, digital pack of previous works by Ilias Kyriazis, commissioned art by guest artists (Tasos Papaioannou, Dimitrios Kasdaglis and Michael Dialynas), original artwork, or even being “immortalized” in the book. Check the campaign for more details.

If the campaign is successful, then the finished product is expected to be delivered to the contributors by the summer of 2013.


3 comments on “Elysium Online

  1. Ilias Kyriazis
    October 25, 2012

    Wow! thanks for the amazing post! 😀

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