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NY Comic Con 2012

Yesterday commenced the New York Comic Con 2012, and will be taking place for the next couple of days, gathering attention from all over the world.

I was on the fence about going, up until the last moment. I had friends to stay over, people that would go to the con with and a couple of guests, panels, exhibitors, that i wouldn’t mind to visit. I mean, it was the best added bonus for visiting NY again. However, my financial endeavors have left me in a disadvantaged position which made me reconsider this whole trip. Nevertheless, up until the very last day, as i watched the tickets selling out, i hoped that here would be a change and i would magically teleport there, or even that a mad man with a box would appear and swift me to NYCC. What? A girl can dream.

However, pre-show day took place yesterday, and the three day extravaganza begins today, while a i am situated worlds apart. So let’s talk about interesting things at New York Comic Con this year.

To take things from the start, everyone should read this pretty helpful survival guide to NYCC. It has all the insider’s info on how to save money and time on food, being hydrated, reminding everyone the importance of personal hygiene and the use of deodorants.

Furthermore, it should be noted that NYCC has Free Shuttle Bus Service to and from the Javits Center and the Official NYCC Hotels, available on Show days. I do not know about you, but this, scored some high points for the organizers of NYCC in my book.

Another perky little feature to the con will be the Sci-Fi Speed Dating, which personally, even though i am terrified of any form of social form of interaction involving flirting with strangers, i have to admit i might have tried this out, just for fun, since what better way than meeting people who have similar interests? Right? It seems that this is what the con thought when conjuring up this speed dating thingie. On an added bonus, there are  trivia contests with giveaways through every session!

Moving along to the new feature of the con; Live Streaming throughout the comic con, from the IGN Theater and the NYCC Show Floor. This was no small feat, and was achieved through a partnership with TwitchTV. So if you are not at the con and wish to see some of the following panels, tune in at the relevant time  slot (local time):

Friday, 12 October: AMC Presents Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men (2:45 PM), Open Road Films Presents: SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D (4:00 PM),Robot Chicken (6:00 PM)

Saturday, 13 October: Haven (10:30 AM), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2! (12:15 PM), The Conjuring (1:30 PM), The Bay (2:15 PM), Beautiful Creatures (3:00 PM), Carrie (3:45 PM), Evil Dead (4:15 PM), AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Panel Event (5:00 PM), FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Special Event – First Look (6:45 PM)

Sunday, 14 October: Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A (11:00 AM), Halo 4: The Master Chief Returns and Multiplayer goes to Infinity (12:00 PM)

Being somewhat of enamored with reading schedule programs and creating individual programs, then annotating them with notes for friends i was impressed at NYCC’s personalized scheduler feature / app. You can flip through the schedule, add your favorites thus making your own personalized schedule and then synching it to the app. I have to say that comic con’s app including all the latest news, maps and announcements, sending push notifications to your phone throughout the event is genius. I wish more festivals had similar apps. Furthermore, one of my main concerns when going to an event abroad is that i would not have internet connectivity, but according to the survival guide of the festival there are internet access areas, where you can also charge your phone, since we all know that those darn smart phones do not hold on their power source for long. Especially when you are taking pictures and uploading them all day at the event.


So, in order to conclude with this year’s NYCC, those of you lucky enough to attend will have the opportunity to get autographs, photo-ops and in general be in the presence of some very special guests, the likes of Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Stan Lee, Anne Rice, Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), most of the Walking Dead Cast and Creator Robert Kirkman, The Following cast (insert Kevin Bacon swoon here), Chloe Moretz (Carrie, Kick Ass), 666 Park Avenue cast, Haven cast, Guillermo Del Toro, Lost Girl cast (Ksenia ftw), Sean Austin (LOTR), Robot Chicken cast, Teen Wolf cast, Arrow cast etc. Buffy fans will appreciate Nicholas Brendon, Amber Benson, Seth Green and Jane Espenson doing their things, while there will something for the Doctor Who fans. Plus many many more things that can cater to all tastes and preferences from comics like The Oatmeal, besides the obvious Marvel, DC, Archie, Dark Horse comics, to online clothing shops like WeLoveFine and steampunk to wrestling etc.

Damn, now i wish i had gone.


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