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Michael Mittermeier – German humor

Up until now i had never thought of Germany in the context of comedy. I do not think i have ever watched a German film which was a comedy. They have great dramatic films, but German comedy; these are two words are rarely put together in a sentence. However, Eddie Izzard tweeted about a stand up comedy show in Soho Theater, London which will be conducted by Michael Mittermeier, a German comedian, entitled A German on Safari. Mittermeier’s first English program is coproduced by Eddie Izzard and premiered at Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Another trivia info you should know is that he supported U2’s shows in Germany, since he is huge over there.

After watching clips of Michael Mittermeier from his shows in Canada, for Just for Laughs, i liked the fact that he uses his origins in his comedy material to make fun of Germany in connection with other cultures.



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