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Small Demons

When a friend first send me the link for Small Demons I have to admit that i was not impressed. “Another run-of-the-mill social network in the likes of Pinterest” i thought. However, this was not the case. Since Small Demons is a platform which has recorded the details of many books; namely people, places, things, music and the list goes on to include hobbies, drinks and anything else referenced in a book. The natural line of skepticism would now question why is that relevant at all. How can Small Demons become useful or relevant.

Examples of using the Small Demons could be one of the following: You are in search of TV references within High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. The website will provide you a list of all these TV references as well as music references, places mentioned in the book, drinks, gadgets, people, periodicals, clothing, accessories, events, vehicles and miscellaneous. Furthermore, when you scroll over a picture there is a pop-up with the exact reference quoted, also listing the page.

It is my belief that this platform will prove to be very useful to academics, writers and people who get stuck with details. You know who you are; you who search online for a detail that is at the tip of your tongue but seems to elude you.

Small Demons undertakes the task to digitalize the information contained into a book; to cartograph all connecting dots. However that generates another issue that could be addressed, non-other than that of the degrees of separation between two seemingly unrelated books. Through navigation within the digital realm of books, as provided by Small Demons, one might begin from Douglas Adams’ “Almost Harmless”, where there is reference to the “new Woody Allen movie about an angst New Yorker”, and from there you can go on to books referring to Woody Allen and so on.

The main goal which the creators of this web platform, Valla Vakili and Tony Amidei, wish to achieve, is to make meaningful connections between books and real life. To be able to extrapolate the references into, sometimes, tangible things, such as being able to eat and drink what your favorite character had, or even visit some places described in the current book you are enthralled with. Thus creating the “Storyverse”; a digital space containing all the information that provide meaning to the story, supporting it.

The site is constantly updated with new books and information, so if you do not find something you are looking for, do not despair, it will become part of the storyverse in due time.


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