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“On My Block”

“On My Block” is a film challenge for NYC residents across the five boroughs, aiming to unite the people living in a neighborhood. Participants in this neighborhood filmmaking project have to collaborate with other people living at their street and generate a short film (documentary or narrative) for that area.

Submissions will be upload at vimeo, where they will be voted. The 15 finalists will be screened at an “On My Block” festival event in November at NYC, awarding prizes to the Best Documentary Film, Best Narrative Film and Best in Show, as selected by the judges.

I find this initiative to be a great starting point for people to get to know other individuals living in their street, whom they pass by daily without exchanging words, and produce something together; collectively. This could be a project with global appeal, generating a sense of community, in an overall estranged modern-world, challenging people’s everyday habits of isolation.

A fine example of one of the videos submitted can be seen below. My commentary on this entry, having lived in a similar street in NYC, is that it was realistic and entertaining. A fine premise, since people constantly leave things on the street to be picked up by strangers. Someone might want something you want to discard. The “Free Camera” acts as a medium connecting the lives of all those people living on the street. Moreover, the fear of bedbugs ranks very high in USA! I still cringe at the simple mention of the word.


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