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Cinema experience

Recently I went to an avant – premiere screening which made it to my top-5 worst cinema experiences, which a tough list to get into since it is comprised by all-stars. This list includes a guy who i presumed was masturbating during the screening of George Michael’s documentary, and a guy who burped (noisily released air from the stomach through the mouth, oh yes it smelled of his last meal) and farted during a screening of Rashomon.

Well this experience included a group of people who were exceptionally disrespectful. They occupied three rows, three people in each row, and were yelling loudly throughout the movie, talking amongst themselves, joking, talking on phones etc. This did not stop at all, despite the glances they received from the other viewers. I really had to constrain myself from yelling at them, driving me to the point where i fantasized about physically abusing them. The movie was not good, but their presence made it intolerable. One might suggest “why didn’t you change seats?” but we could not since the screening was full.

Take for example Lars Von Trier’s short film “Occupations“, which he directed and starred as a viewer who is being harrassed by the person next to him, not allowing for a good cinema experience. His reaction, some might consider it “unjustified”, is documented in this brief video.

I am sure that similar instances have happened to many of you. You cannot chose who will be seating around you. There might be people kicking your seat, people talking, people’s cell phones going off and so on. All i ask for is for some respect, for the people who are in the same room as you are, and do not make them suffer.

One of my favorite web-comics “The Oatmeal” recently posted the following comic, which might pose a solution to this problem. (click the image to read it)

It is said that there is a special level in hell reserved for those who are disruptive during movie screenings. I sure do hope it is true.


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