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Which browser do you use?

As a mac user my default browser is Safari, in the workplace i used Firefox, while at some rare cases i had required for Internet Explorer, but when i want to do something extra Chrome is the go-to web-browser. Never used Opera or Netscape.

I have different settings at each one of them and use them for different things. Chrome besides being the “lightest” browser and being able to search on the web address bar (i keep getting confused when i try this at other browsers and does not work), it allows for more technological advancements like html5 (updated safari versions are rumored to also work, but have yet to test this theory), which allows for interactive videos. One of the best examples of that are the music videos created in 2010 by Arcade Fire: The Wilderness Downtown featuring the song “We Used to Wait” where you import an address (suggested to be the one in which you grew-up) and then various windows of the browser pop-up (don’t be alarmed, it is not a virus, and do not move them) which incorporate your neighborhood within the video clip. Furthermore, in 2011 OK GO along with Pilobolus dance group issued their own music video for All is not Lost. Both examples allow the user to interact with the video. While, The Gamits, created a puzzle of videos that the user have to place together for their song This Shell.

Arcade Fire having been doing this kind of innovative clips for many of their songs. In Sprawl II  the browser is granted access to your webcam and mic, and records your movement which allows the pace of the video to move accordingly. In Black Mirror you can press in your keyboard the numbers 1 to 6 and select different audio outputs, singling out each instrument and lyrics etc. Whereas in the Neon Bible you click on the video with your mouse and the singer reacts. This is the best way i can explain them, but you should definitely check them out for yourselves. I mean this kind of music videos demand the attention of the audience, incorporating them in the viewing experience, and at sometimes can be used to send messages. Like in OK GO‘s video, where people can type their message and Pilobolus will act it out, allowing for this message to be sent to other people. So if for example, you want to wish someone happy birthday, this is a great way to do so, just make sure the recipient has Chrome browser.

This post does not advocate the use of Chrome over the other browsers, but simply portrays an example of how you can benefit from having Chrome. Other examples could be the fact that it asks you to translate pages, so if you visit a German webpage, it can translate it to English for you, or even use  the Incognito window. This is a very nifty feature which has many uses, it allows you for example to log-in at a page with a different username. So if you have two email accounts at yahoo (a professional and another) you do not have to log out and log in to check both accounts. Moreover,  it does not keep track of browsing history, so if you do not want your spouse to know that you are researching a surprise get-a-way, you can do so “incognito”.

Disclaimer: the above post was written in Safari 😛


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