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Rock of Ages preview screening review

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the inauguration of the 2nd Open Air Film Festival in Athens, which showcased “Rock of Ages” for free.

Early arrival to the cinema was essential, since the seats filled up soon enough, and there were people left standing around. There was also free beer, pies and sandwiches to enhance the festive atmosphere. As soon as the sun set, there were brief introductory remarks about the festival, highlighting the importance of funding from ESPA, that made it possible to provide these free screenings throughout the summer at various locations.

The film in itself was not the greatest movie ever seen by this individual. By the end of it i was glad that no expenses were made by my part. That aside, i enjoyed hearing the rock anthems, and truthfully i laughed out loud in many occasions, since it is a comedy-musical. Taking into account that fact; that it is indeed a musical, i would not recommend the film to people who do not like musicals. So if “Chicago” did not do it for you, or if you think that people bursting into song at various occasions and the rest of the cast joining in a chorus, and dancing, then do NOT see this film. Even if the media have promoted it as the musical epitomizing Rock ‘n’ Roll, it is not a film for fans of the ’80s who cannot stand musicals. It is a boy meets girl story, set in the ’80s, while a historical music venue in sunset strip is threatened to close down.

What irritated those in the audience with least tolerance, the most, was the singing voice of the female protagonist.

However, taking into account all this, Alec Baldwin along with Russel Brand were phenomenal! Almost all of their scenes were tremendously funny. Moreover, Tom Cruise did a bang-up job. While Paul Giamatti convinced us that he, or better yet, the music industry he represents, is the reason that musicians have tragic endings, and music gets ruined by the business side of it all. I was surprised to see Bryan Cranston, a man i have come to admire through TV series like “Malcom in the Middle” and “Breaking Bad”, as a degenerate Mayor, married to Catherine Zeta Jones, who comically (in a good sense) portrayed the role of a repressed woman, out to eradicate the sins that rock n roll generates. Mary J Blige was a acting as in a supporting guardian angel role, which did not impress me as much as Malin Akerman, reporting for Rolling Stone magazine!!! Watch out for her. 

All in all, the film is not “all-that”, but you can spend two hours of fun at the movies.

The after-party that continued at the premises of the cinema had some great tunes blasting the speakers, but i withdrew from the crowd to catch up with the last train heading home.


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