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Web comics

The online revolution has spurred, during the past decade, a medium for artists to get their work “out-there” to the public; which let’s face it the audience has also changed and is more inclined to read something digitally. The web-comic artists are more than a hype, they are legitimate artists with a following which supports and communicates with the artists.

The web-comic artists i am particularly fond of are the following:

I have been a fan of Jeph Jacques’ web-comic for many years now. I have seen his progress in designing throughout the years, and bonded with his characters in their endeavors. The story depicts the lives of Marten Reed, Faye Whitaker, Dora Bianchi, Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham, their numerous friends (always introducing characters) and their anthropo-pcs.

Current storyline is about librarians, but there have been music arcs, space arcs, relationship arcs. It is really fascinating to look into the lives of these individuals, who if i may add also have their own twitter accounts!!!

Mr. Jacques, whom i had the pleasure of meeting at MoCCA in 2011, is a very busy online individual and one could find him on all social media (twitter, lasfm, livejournal, facebook, tmblr). He also features live web cams when he draws, and his fans can see his computer screen while he draws. Allowing them to understand his method.

This is a science comic of stick figures created by Randall Munroe, which might range from incomprehensible to deliriously funny. It depicts commentaries on various issues on science, technology, online trends and common norms.

For those interested in more science, could also read the accompanied blog to the comic.

Updates are M-W-F.

These chickens drawn on sticky notes could be done by anyone of us, but we did not think about it, and Doug Savage did. Commonly dealing with work related issues. Also there are competitions hosted on the website, where the fans are asked to submit their own take into a drawn image.

Updated daily, with an option to get the updates delivered to your email. Mr. Doug has Google+, Flickr, twitter and youtube.

If xkcd is the most scientific comic, then Penny Arcade is the most Geeky! It focuses on Tycho and Gabe, two avid game-players and their whole culture. The comic is written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik and is updated every M-W-F, and also there are other info on the website, posts that might interest the readers.

I regret that i was too chicken-shit to go up to their booth at NYCC in 2009, and meet the duo behind this comic: Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik.

I am not sure how to characterize The Oatmeal, created by Matthew Inman, i guess a general description that does not do it any justice is that it mainly commenting on various issues, from animals to technology. Your best bet is to visit the website and have a look yourselves. Recently Inman got into a legal dispute with a website illegally hosting the Oatmeal comics, and his response is worth reading here.

The Oatmeal is also available on twitter and facebook.

This web-comic might seem a little offensive to some people, but i really enjoy it! Moreover, most of the comics listed above can be utterly sarcastic and offensive if not received in good faith and humor. The comic updates are scarce, and usually deal in music, fashion, fonts and other agendas of the hipster culture, from Hitler’s perspective. There has been a lot of uproar against this comic, such an example. The creators of the comic are listed as JC and APK, and in my opinion should remain anonymous. You can keep up on updates through facebook and twitter.

Most of these artists are living off their work as web-comic artists, through selling merchandise which usually is pretty awesome! Fans want the products and often ask for specific items to be produced. Items sold range from a print edition of the comic to t-shirts, notebooks, cups, toys, aprons, ties, buttons, posters, cards etc.

I have also done my part in supporting them:


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