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Game of Thrones Finale

As an avid TV watcher it comes as a surprise to my friends that i have managed to abstain from watching the Game of Thrones (GoT) episodes this year.

This Sunday is season 2 finale episode: 2×10 – Valar Morghulis, which i have no idea what it means and also what it will entail. I have not seen a GoT episode since 2×02 – The North Remembers. This has not been because i did not like the second season, but a culmination of factors, such as excessive work, other obligations and activities, and the most significant of all; my brother and i have to find a common viewing time for the screening! This is not a series to be taken lightly! You cannot push play on any regular day when you are back from work, tired and eating a plate of heated food….no cherie, this is a work of exquisite craft-manship, which requires your utmost attention and devotion, it requires no other obstructions like relatives barging in the house talking to you. It requires, nay, it demands for you to sink into this mythology constructed so meticulously by George R.R. Martin. Hence like a maiden who has divulged to wait for the right man, i too wait for the right moment when i will be able to enjoy the fights of the Westeros clans as they ought to be experienced!

As for the fear of spoilers, which is a constant theme these day and age (in the past you simply avoided reading articles about those things, now they are everywhere, in tweets, posts, comments), it is a miracle i have not been unintentionally bombarded with information. Nevertheless, i feel that even if you do know what is going to happen (as many of the people that have read the books do) it is more important to live through the experience, to observe how it is portrayed.

Following is the preview clip of the upcoming episode, for those that are eager to have a taste prior to the finale:


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