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US TV Fall season 2012

Tis the time of the season …where all the US networks present their programs for the Fall TV season, so by now most of you know which series have been renewed, and which have been cancelled, but how about the new up and coming proposals by the networks that will aim to grasp the viewers and retrieve an audience share large enough to justify their existence?

In the following section i will present you with trailers of the new TV series that will be broadcasted next season by ABC, NBC, FOX, CW, TBS (at this point i would like to intervene with the remark that US sites should finally realize that their market has become global and they should not exclude online visitors from various locations outside of the US. How often, many of us have pressed for a video to play, just to be met with the message dictating: “This video is not available in your region”?)

This is going to be a long scroll down, so brace yourselves!

Tip: get a snack, a coffee, something, and for the next hour watch what will be coming to a TV near you next fall…


This CBS sitcom will air on Mondays prior to How i Met your Mother, do you think it is a good lead-in?

The Mob Doctor:

This is a Fox action-drama mafia series.


NBC’s  mystery-sci-fi-dystopian-drama of a world without electricity is very promising.  Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys & Alien). Created by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Alias) & Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and stars Giancarlo Esposito, Billy Burke and Andrea Roth.

Ben & Kate:

The little girl on this comedy series is amazing! I will watch it, but i am not sure if it is going to be any good.


Mathew Perry is back! With a series that seems to be really good!

The Mindy Project:

Great comedy! A definitely watch!

The New Normal:

This seems as an all-right series! Gonna watch!


It seems like a decent production but not my kind of jam!


There are not many words left for those abs…stunts i meant

Guys With Kids:

Funny sitcom for when i am having dinner

Animal Practice:

….ahem not sure it is going to make it through the cut week

Chicago Fire:

The stars will attract many female viewers!

Last Resort:

This is the most anticipated new series!


This is an US version of Sherlock Holmes

Beauty and the Beast:

Remake of the series/cartoon for the smallville generation

Malibu Country:

No way this is going on my to-watch list (certainly to be short-lived)



The Following:

Very interesting, and plus…we love Kevin Bacon!

Emily Owens MD:

Yet another medical comedy, but seeing more clips of it, i find it kinda endearing

Save me:

This sneak peek is very entertaining, i mean Anne Heche is superb in it

Do No Harm:

This modern interpetation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde seems to be not all that, and i expect it to be cancelled shortly after airing

Next Caller:

another sitcom…maybe good while eating doing stuff


Nope do not think so…

1600 Penn:


666 Park Avenue:

This Devil’s Advocate, Rosemary’s Baby, Poltergeist kinda series seems interesting with a nice cast nonetheless.

How to Live with Your Parents (for the rest of your life):

It appears to be funny and sweet. The kid rocks


Something more likely to pawn off to my mum


Country music industry…it seems a good production, but it will not add to my schedule

Red Widow:

Mafia widow protecting her family when her husband is killed off, might be ok

Zero Hour:

Da Vinci Code kinda mystery with clocks, abductions, nazis…etc…not sure

The Goodwin Games:

Loved it!

The Family Tools:


Made in Jersey:

Me digs some unpolished lawyer

The Neighbors:


Carrie Diaries

interesting…i wonder if there will be as much sex in the pre-adult series… or whether there will be more of moral dilemmas and teen angst

So there you have it! You have an outline of the new series for the next season…

UPDATE: Most of the links for the trailers are currently not available, i will try and fix it.

Moreover, TVLine issued a schedule of the shows which will be broadcasted in September, noting new shows in bold.

(disclaimer Crossbones, Friend Me, and Golden Boy series have not issued trailers yet)


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