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Once upon a time there was a little girl who collected tees…

As every archetypal heroine, she reached a conjuncture point where she had to come to terms with her addiction problem…

She tried to accuse the wonderful designers who made tees she wanted to buy, she tried to think of the fact that she no longer has money to buy anymore, she tried to manage the addiction, limit her purchases, justifying it by thinking that “I will not buy it for me but for a friend”…she promised she will try from now on to win tees through the various competitions… Let’s hope that our heroine will  be successful to her quest to fight this addiction.

To be continued…

Public Announcement: Please be advised that if you, or people you know are battling with tee-addiction should be treated with caution, intervention techniques recommended are: removing their credit cards, paypal accounts, or even setting limitations to one tee per week, month, term. Another method that has had promising results (it is still at the experimental stage) is to buy them tees as presents. Results indicated that people who get tees as presents are less likely to buy them themselves.

Signs to be wary of include daily visiting websites offering tees at a low price, examples include the following:

 Qwertee (provides harribo candy with each delivery, includes voting options of favorite designs,once ever term they have a tee-sale where you order the sizes you want and you do not know what you are going to get, it will definitely be one of the previous designs, but it is a surprise which one)


 Nowherebad (great size and tee material)


 Othertees (voting, color options of each tee)


 Teefurry (grab-bag sales, after-hours sales, double-tee sales)


  Teeraiders (offers hoodie option)


 Teebusters (fairly new site, cheaper than the rest, candy with each order)


 GraphicLabDesigns (incredibly soft and stretchy tee material)


Riptapparel (great size -longer than most- also offers hoodies, kids and onesies options, as well as posters, coasters, iphone cases)


 Shirtpunch (check size it runs bigger than most of the other sites, however the site updated offering the option of fitted tees, as well two tees per day, various additional products like magnets, stickers etc)


 TheYetee (nice fabric quality)

PS: some of the deliveries might take up to a month or even more (depending on your location and the operation’s location) but they always deliver.

Also most websites run contests via social media.

Tip: Follow the designers, most of the times they have their own stores where you can buy their designs in many formats (notebooks, stickers, posters, clothes, iphone cases etc) and they also run giveaways. Plus they are very interesting and talented people.


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